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Reference Archive Microfilm Media

Spectrally Optimized for the IMAGELINK 9600 Archive Writer Series.

IMAGELINK Reference Archive Media has been specially formulated for use in the IMAGELINK 9600 Archive Writer Series to provide high-quality, human-readable, reference archives of digital images.

Product Applications

This media has a Life Expectancy of at least 500 years when processed and stored according to the recommended practices of ISO and ANSI.

Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured to ISO and ANSI standards for LE-500 films

  • High resolution and excellent halation protection provide superior output of digital images

  • Superior latent image keeping – minimal degradation of image density between time of exposure and delayed processing.

  • Process insensitive – image quality and background density are not significantly affected by typical operational variations in processing.

  • Roll-to-roll and emulsion batch-to-batch consistency – minimizes the need for adjustments or operator intervention between rolls or batches of media.

  • Reference Archive Media is coated on polyester (PET) base, meeting ISO requirements for safety film (IS) 18906).

  • Process-surviving anti-static backing – even after processing, static protection is maintained, reducing dirt and static problems in retrieval, scanning, and duplicating equipment.

  • Industry compliance – manufactured to ISO and ANSI standards for LE-500 films.

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