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Qidenus Technologies was initially founded in 2004 by Sofie Quidenus as a spin-off from the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Soon after its inception Sofie managed to form a young and powerful team consisting of internal specialists in the fields of manufacturing, product development, product design, marketing and sales. Today, Qidenus Technologies is part of the iGuana group.



Qidenus Swan Document & Book Scanner is the ultimate office scanning solution. With the Qidenus Swan document and book scanner you can easily scan all kinds of office documents, including ring folders, flip boards, magazines, books, loose sheets, certificates, invoices, contracts, surveys, crumpled documents, etc. Thanks to the scanner’s adjustable V-shaped book cradle, you can scan bound materials without having to unbind them, remove paper clips or staples. All you need to do is place the document in the office scanner and press a button. It’s that easy.

Qidenus Swan Document & Book Scanner scans faster than you can turn the page: 2 pages at once in less than 1 second and 4 times faster than ordinary flatbed scanners. It is available in A3 and A2 sizes, features a 10” high-definition touch screen display and is equipped with QiDrive software suite that walks you through the workflow. A QuadCore PC, integrated into Qidenus Swan Document & Book Scanner, makes the scanner completely independent. Everything can be controlled through the 10” touch screen and transferred to a USB stick or via Wi-Fi for complete autonomy. Qidenus Swan office scanner by Qidenus Technologies (an iGuana company) is an intuitive, ready-to-use plug-and-play system. Pre-installed software, no training required. Instant image capture. Elegant design.

Ideal for office use, self-service kiosks in public spaces and heritage material digitization.



Due to the combination of V-Shape book scan technology with integrated automation processes – based on mechatronic development – the Qidenus Mastered Book Scan 4.0 is classified as most efficient semi-automatic system on the market. Digitisation bureaus and end customers all over the world prove it.
The V-shape system is manufactured in 80°. Latest CMOS sensors deliver outstanding image quality. Every movement of the machine is automated. Page turning itself is done manually by the operator. No buttons to push. Construction and material usage is clearly configured for large scale digitisation.



Due to the unique construction of SMART Book Scan 4.0 this manual system provides features which inherently outperform conventional flatbed scanners. The V-shape system in 100° angle treats the inserted material conservatively. The glass-plate of special coated glass supports the operator with ease in handling.
The latest CMOS sensors deliver outstanding image quality. The consequent machine composition results in outstanding productivity for a manual system. Finally: Form follows function. Innovative design.



This robotic book scanner is a high-speed scanning machine, capable of digitising any bound material automatically, fast and as a result of this economically. The machine is based on a globally patented turning technique [bionic finger system], a unique single page control [light transmittance instrument] and a V-Shaped book cradle, capturing the pages with full format digital cameras. The 3in1 machine with its integrated manual modes allows to process any document with matching dimension.

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