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Com Microfilm 

Get exceptional high quality in your processing.

Auto-reversal COM films use environmentally friendly low replenishment rate standard process photochemicals. 

Product applications:

Imagelink Ecopos 305 is designed for use in blue phosphorous CRT (cathode ray tube) type computer output microfilmers (COMs). These devices photograph data displayed electronically rather than from printed documents.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fast, efficient, high-quality duplication.

  • Increased friendliness to the environment.

  • Manufactured to meet ISO and ANSI standards for an LE 500 film.

  • Excellent capture of CRT, formsflash, and cutmark. (Minimum adjustments are necessary to balance these exposures.)

  • Uniform background provides crisp diazo copies.

  • Low printing density (D-min 0.04-0.05). Clearer master characters (D-min) allow for higher throughput rates of duplicators.

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