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V-Scan book scanner

Target: highest quality

The expectations and requirements of our customers were vital considerations in the development of book 2 net Cobra. 

Productivity & efficiency for highest conservatory demands

Valuable, old books deserve special attention to put their beauty in its true light. Heightened and waved surfaces, special inks and colors and especially gold coatings and platings require more than standard illumination. 

Book cradle

Starting from the surface of the layout section up to the spine support, a major part of the development effort has been spent on the book cradle.

  • PLC Control

  • High-precision linear drive

  • Variable Control:
    – fully automatic
    – semi-automatic
    – manual
    – time controlled
    – action controlled
    – user controlled

  • Programmable scan process

Unique butterfly system

Available as an option, allows scanning without additional pressure.

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