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1994 Kozou Sawada Established Kyokko Communication Instrument Co., Ltd.
Manufacturing the precise mold, jigs, gauge, during this 70 years, we have established stable Position for the integrated fine mechanical manufacture

Developed and supplied automated electrode printing and soldering machines, and silver electrode printing machine to Murata Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Started sales of desk top continuous from printer KP2250 (Psi model name) to OEM base.


Swallow HM-01

Automation and labor-saving system for spot welding processes. Implemented IoT-compatible function that collects production-related digital data and enables various analyses (jointly developed with AFC R&D Laboratories, Inc.)

Spring Automatic Feeding Service

Tension springs that are easily entangled are automatically transported, separated and independent one by one, and aligned in a certain direction. An automatic conveyance device that picks up aligned tension springs with a hook and picks them up with a robot hand, and stores them in the second hand.

CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) machinery
image_0200000016_02 (1).png

CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) manufacturing facilities, developed and provided the integrated production line from material arrangement to finishing process.

Face Up Scanner

A face-up scanner compatible with A3 size that can scan with high quality without damaging the original such as rare books and deteriorated books.

Digital Film Scanner

Digital scanning of microfilm images of various shapes. Connect to your PC and zoom in on the monitor,
A small, lightweight type of digital film scanner that stores as printed or electronic data.The products are widely used in libraries, educational institutions, and overseas.

Continuous form laser printer

Highly reliable continuous form laser printer ideal for variable and on-demand printing market such as continuous forms of bills, delivery slips of shipping company and mailing-label papers which require high volumes. Stable paper feed mechanism and high performance LED head guarantee high quality printing.

Face up color scanner PS5000C MK II

A3 size face-up scanner ideal for undertaking digitization services of books and magazines in libraries.

Face-up scanner

You can scan books including thick ones or sheet type documents using face-up scan function.

High speed scanning

Area CCD and USB2.0 for PC interface make high speed scanning possible.

Color/gray/monochrome reproduction

Full color scanning capability realize superb image reproduction.

Max .600DPI high resolution scanning

200 to 600dpi resolution scanning range is ideal for reproducing the image of original documents or the image quality you require.

Easy to scan 3D objects

You can easily scan 3D objects with its scanned face upward.

Automatic correction for book

Correction for book curvature, center-shadow erasing, masking fingers holding down pages.


Face-up scanner which can scan images in full color. It reproduces the images of books, documents and 3d objects beautifully.

16 mm Roll Film Camera DR1600MK II

DR1600MKⅡ is a planetary 16 mm roll film camera which records photographic images of the documents and vouchers on microfilm having good keeping.
DR1600MKⅡ is a compact and desktop type microfilm recorder which records images of up to A3 size original.

Screen less Digital Microfilm Scanner SL1000

The SL1000 can scan images which are saved in various types of film. This is the compact and lightweight digital scanner which can retrieve and enlarge the images by using your personal computer and monitor. You can printout these images by using your printer and save them as the digital data.

Lightweight and compact design that wouldn’t require large foot space

The SL1000 has compact design. The dimensions are 326mm(W) x 425mm(D) x 177mm(H), and you can set up this scanner on the top of your desk together with a personal computer. Also it is very easy for you to bring out or move the scanner to any locations because it has very lightweight of 13.5kg.

Using the high power zoom of 6.8 - 54x

The SL1000 has high power zoom of 6.8 – 54x which covers wide zoom range, therefore you don’t have to exchange the lens on a use by use. Also you can increase the zoom range to 104x by utilizing the electrical zoom.

Supporting various types of film

The SL1000 can read micro fiche film, jacket film and aperture card as the standard model, and also it is possible to read roll film and cartridge film with the optional kit.

Supporting OCR

The SL1000 supports OCR. You can select the image file from PDF files which were saved in the batch so that selected file can be converted to the Searchable PDF.

Easy and smooth operation by the dedicated software

You can operate the SL1000 with your finger tip like as Smart Phone that enables instinctive and smooth operation when using the touch panel display. The graphical icons indicate each function, and they are located at the bottom of screen in order to realize the easy operation and visibility. The reading image and the saved image file can be exchanged on the monitor with one touch operation so that you can view and edit them easily. The output resolution and storage file format can be selected depending on your usage in order to streamline the secondary usage or delivery of these data. Also the cropping or correction for brightness and contrast etc. as well as the adjustment for image skew, image density and focus can be executed with manual operation


Satisfy both Small Foot Space and High Capability.

Simplify the Image Reading.

  • Realize the Smooth Browsing and Smooth Digitization with the Excellent Operation.

Digital Microfilm Scanner MS6000 MKⅡ/ MS7000 MKⅡ

MS6000MKⅡ and MS7000MKⅡ are desktop type microfilm scanners, with which you can retrieve micro form images recorded on various kinds of film formats, such as 16 & 35 mm roll film and microfiche, display enlarged micro form images on A3 size (MS7000MKⅡ) or A4 size (MS6000MKⅡ) screen, and make short work of printing with dedicated printer. You can also connect them to PC in order to scan micro form images from various kinds of film formats as digital data.

Perfect Binder

The Perfect Binder increase company business efficiency for short run binding work such as confidential company documents, seminar text and report book binding. In house on-demand book binding reduces outsourcing cost binding and prevents information leakage.

  • Easy operation by pushing the start button simply.

  • Without milling, new technology of hot melting glue achieves 200documents/hour production.

  • New text page jogging and cover-sheet cutting system eliminates trimming system, since cover page is trimmed automatically based on the text measurements.

  • Hot melting glue is supplied automatically, and the filter deodorize the smell of

  • Paper input and output optional device eliminates complex pre and post processing and increase work efficiency.

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