V shape book scanners

Scanners for your digitization projects on fragile collections

Our V shape scanners are the perfects solutions to digitize fragile books maintained in V shape for harmless digitization operations. Designed from the combination of high resolution cameras produce by i2S, our scanners guarantee a high productivity and best image quality with no glare thank to the perfect control of the lighting. 


Automatic scanners

Productive, automatic and manual book scanners

Our automatic scanner can scan the largest variety of bound documents, even book types other automatic scanner cannot do, like:

- hard and soft covers (like magazines and newspapers)

-spontaneously closing books (squarebacks)

- wavy and irregular pages (manuscripts)


The perfect combination of image quality and productivity

Image quality

The DIGIBOOK DL-Mini is equipped with a high-resolution i2S camera, the CopiBook 600 dpi


The DIGIBOOK DL-Mini detects double-page spreads in bound books and automatically lifts one page at a time, without missing a page


The DIGIBOOK DL-Mini is equipped with a suction-assisted page turner (patented process) and an air-cushioned book holder.

Digital Camera

i2S cameras are designed to meet the requirements of heritage digitization professionals

i2S solutions to meet all your needs for heritage digitization projects. I2S cameras have been designed to satisfy the most demanding users, especially in terms of image quality, productivity and performance.



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