Small book scanners A3-A2

Production scanners to digitize your collections

The i2S small format book scanners are specially designed to be productive, ergonomic and offer a very good image quality. Discover our range of small format scanners from A3 to A2 with high optical resolutions to reproduce the smallest details of the image.


Our experts have been at the heart of the Metamorfoze and FADGI directives since 2005, and we now offer scanning solutions compatible with the ISO 19264-1 standard.


opiBook Cobalt HD is the ideal scanner for scanning in high resolution (600 x 600 dpi optical) bound documents up to DIN A2 / C format. With its image quality and productivity, the CopiBook Cobalt HD is an inexpensive solution on the market for mass digitization projects.

Fully configurable and connected, the eScan Open System Book Scanner is a new concept in scanning developed by i2s, and which incorporates all the company's expertise in technical innovation and usage.

Digitizing/scanning: The eScan Open System book scanner can be adapted to your needs, such as creating a scan & go" service in a reading room, a mass digitization project or office automation equipment.

Equipped with i2S technologies, the eScan OS offers both high quality and high productivity.

CopiBook OS, the fastest book scanner on the market, scan time is less than 1 sec with EAGLE 71 MP camera! 

CopiBook OS, a fully configurable book scanner to cover all your needs. The Copibook OS is configurable, open, easy to use and gentle.


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